Department of Sankaradeva Studies

Vision & Goal:

This department, having a nodal character, is an innovative academic department of the new-born university, has started functioning from 2014. First of its kind in Assam, the department is meant and designed primarily for integrated M.Phil-PhD/ PhD. programmes in diverse range of subjects, often interdisciplinary and in order to focus on areas that Srimanta Sankardeva , the great mediaeval saint, was interested in and passionate about in his life time. Under the umbrella of the department, research works will be carried forward in different subject areas like religion, ethics, language, literature, music, performing art, painting, comparative literature, comparative religion, philosophy and so forth with focus on cultural history of India & Assam, Bhakti movement, Hagiography, Old Assamese literature and language, Comparative Religion and Philosophy, Sankari Culture, Literature, Art (Performing, Material & Fine Arts), Handicrafts and other related subject areas having direct bearing on the growth and development of human civilization. The department will also handle the add-on course on Sankardeva Studies that have been made mandatory for all the academic programmes of the university in addition to the core subject in the post graduation programmes.
The department, however, will do its best to propagate and highlight the multi dimensional philosophy and creative pursuits of the saint - both theoretical and application-oriented - through serious research activity in areas like drama, poetry, translation, music, performing art, material art, painting and so forth.

Academic Programmes:


M.Phil-Ph.D. (integrated)


Forthcoming Programmes

The department will start the following activities in phased manner:

1. Publication of books about Sankardeva and his all-pervasive Vaishanavite fraternity, and also on the diverse range of social, cultural and literary areas of human concerns.

2. Translation of old texts and literary works into English, Hindi, and in other European and Indian languages.

3. Publication of a learned research journal.

4. Comparative study of Sankardeva, Madhabdeva, Bhattadeva and other Vaishanavite saints of India and also with the other religious saints of the world from the beginning of human civilization.

5. Different courses on different performing arts e.g., Sankari music, dance, instrumental music and in material culture.

6. Short courses on manuscriptology and preservation of old texts

7. Textual criticism of vaishanavite literature.

8. Undertake minor and major research projects on Sankari arts and crafts etc.


Prof. Suresh Chandra Bora, Head, M.A, Ph.D.

Prof. Dayananda Pathak, M.A., Ph.D.

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